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Jason & Stephanie Smith

Dreamers Jason and Stephanie have been in the shed business for nearly 15 years. After working in stationary rental properties, Jason sought out a market for those in need of storage facilities, while also wanting to sell a product that would last through the years. He and Stephanie have dedicated their lives toward building more than just a shed company, but a name that you can rely on.

Family oriented, Jason and Steph love their two children: Chase and Jenna. 

Chase, a sophomore attending Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, is studying Business Management.

Jenna, a freshman attending EKU in Richmond, is seeking a pre-law degree.

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Jason Smith

A storage shed expert, Jason has had his hand in the renting world for over 20 years. Previously at Stor Mor buildings in Greensburg, KY, Jason has built this company from the ground up with the intention of getting people a good deal without having to decline anyones business. 

A graduate of EKU in Richmond, KY, Jasons background is in Marketing. His vision for both Backyard World and Good Times Play Systems reflect directly back to his moral standings, which he prides himself in.

As CEO, Jason oversees both companies from our central office in Campbellsville, as well as 3 sales lots across the Commonwealth. He also works directly with contractors and dealers, ensuring our products can make it to the backyard of as many people as possible. 


Stephanie Smith

Stephanie plays a very key role here at Backyard World. As CFO and head of RTO Relations, Steph keeps all books up to date and handles all accounting sides of the company. She also seeks out and recruits new dealers for Shed RTO and financing, making sure that Backyard World can get you the best deal possible, before you choose to do business with our company. 

A graduate of St. Catherines College in Springfield, KY, Stephanie has a degree in elementary education. She has also had over 7 years of experience in banking, which she believes has helped prepare her to handle the accounts of Backyard World. 

Along with her primary duties, Stephanie works hard daily in whatever administrative work needs to be done.


Daniela Phillips

Director of Transportation

If you have purchased any product from Backyard World, then you have interacted with our outstanding Transportation Director, Daniela, even if you didn’t know it. Daniela is the train that never stops here at BYW. She is the very first person involved in getting your building or playset to your Back Yard…


As Transportation Director, Daniela works daily with scheduling deliveries and communicating directly with the customer after the sale as well as with the Delivery Team all at the same time, all while overseeing order processing to our contractors, billing invoices, and even scheduling pick ups for buildings that are requested to be returned. Do you get the picture yet?


When she isn’t working here at Backyard World, Daniela enjoys spending time with her significant other, Bailey, and 3 children: Isabella & Madelyn (the twins), and Jackson. She considers family to be one of the most important things in her life. 


Daniela enjoys trying new places to eat in her spare time, and finding some new adventure outdoors. As long as she is spending time with her family, she is blessed.


*As a side note, Daniela is a die-hard fan of Weatherman Jude Redfield of WDRB in Louisville. He might not always give you the forecast you want, but she trusts his predictions pretty well.


Zack Wright

Small town raised, Zack is from Summerville, Kentucky. Overseeing and managing the Backyard World website, facebook pages, as well as marketing strategies, Zack’s role as Media manager is often utilized from behind the scenes.  

Zack recently graduated from Campbellsville University with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Digital Media. With several jobs in sales and customer service, Zack also has a wide knowledge of sales and marketing, which he considers to be key factors to this industry. Zack has also been a lead director and producer for the local broadcast station, WLCU TV/FM, believing that his hands on experience will make him successful as Media Manager. 

Family is very important to him. His mother, Janet, and late father, Dale, have been huge role models in his life. A few other unique facts about Zack include the fact that he plays piano and sings. He plays at Parkway Baptist, his home church in Hodgenville. Zack is also a huge Kentucky basketball and Nashville Predators fan. 


Christy Blandford

Lot Manager - North Bypass
(270) 699 - 6954

A Lebanon, Kentucky native, Christy is your “Top Shed Gal” at Backyard World. As one of our Lot Managers, she oversees and solely runs the North Bypass Site here in Campbellsville. Christy is a face you can count on and trust to help turn your vision into a reality, whether it is designing a she-shed, man cave, or private office space. 


Christy is a former Colonel of EKU, where she received her Bachelors Degree in Public Relations. Along with her education, her background of sales has helped tune her craft for the past 7 years. She has been a part of Backyard World since 2016, and loves getting to meet new people looking to accomplish a variety of projects. 


Christy is definitely an adventure seeker. SCUBA certified, she loves to take things to the extreme. She has been skydiving, bungee jumping, and loves to be outdoors. She hopes to hike Machu Picchu in the coming years. Honesty, integrity, and respect are important values to her. 


Christy loves her husband, Blake. Together, they love spending time with their two daughters, Scarlet and Eveline, and their husky, Czar. Christy treats every customer like a part of her family, and works tirelessly to ensure a great experience from the very beginning of the sale.  


Sarah McKinley

Lot Manager - New Lebanon Rd.
(270) 454 - 4295

Campbellsville born and raised, Sarah is your top Shed-ologist. That’s right. The study of Sheds. Whether it’s a tiny home in the making or a playset for you and your little ones, Sarah is sure to help you find the best bang for your buck. 


With a Bachelors degree from Campbellsville University and over 4 years in sales, Sarah is exceedingly qualified to help get you the best deal possible.


Family oriented, Sarah loves spending time with mom and stepfather, Rebecca and Bill. She also enjoys being outdoors and out on the water. She hopes to travel the world in the future.


Sarah says that she loves Backyard World mostly because of the relationships she gets to build, both with the customers and her co-workers. She loves getting to be a part of this growing family, as she calls it. Sarah strives to find the most unique and creative ways to make your shed become your dream building.


Blake Milby

Online Sales/Lot Manager - Lancaster, KY
(859) 734 - 0932

A Green County native, Blake is the GO-TO when it comes to online sales. Whatever you might need, Blake is sure to find a deal like no other. Covering a unique customer base, Blake not only oversees our facility in Lancaster, KY, but also covers and manages a vastly growing market, our facebook customers.


Blake comes to us from a background in online sales. He has designed his craft to help as many customers as he can, responding to nearly every single person that reaches out to him on a daily basis. 


A graduate of Campbellsville University, Blake received his Bachelors degree in 2018. Blake values the fundamentals including honesty, trust and hard work.


Blake most enjoys the work-family atmosphere that the Backyard World team makes up.


Steve Bramel

Transportation Team Supervisor

Born and raised here in Campbellsville, Kentucky, Steve wears a big hat at Backyard World. As Transportation Team Leader, he oversees and assists with the physical delivery of buildings. Ensuring safety and quality with every job, Steve makes sure that your building is structurally sound at your requested location.


Steve loves his wife Tina, and two children, Dakota and Abigail. 

Now residing in Lebanon, Steve loves coming back to work in his hometown and his work family. The friendly people he gets to work with really make coming to work a fun time.  


In Steve’s spare time he loves woodworking. As an outdoor guy, he loves the atmosphere that he gets to work in every day here at Backyard World. 


Previously employed by Ford Motor Company for 8 years, Steve is a dedicated individual who takes pride in the workplace. He has been a faithful employee to Backyard World since 2011, and is a valuable part of the team. With Steve in charge of your delivery, you’re in safe hands!

Austin Evans

Delivery Technician

Austin is one of our top drivers here at Backyard World. He specializes in both Sheds and Play-System delivery. As a Delivery Technician, Austin keeps your purchase safe and secure on the road all while making it his goal to bring great customer satisfaction. 


Austin comes to BYW from Giles Trucking with over 11 years of experience. He prides himself in being loyal to them for so long, and brings that mindset with him to Backyard World. He has been a value to the team for over 5 years now, and is someone will make sure that you are completely satisfied before leaving you with your new shed or playset.


Originally from Middlesboro, Kentucky, Austin is a Die-Hard Kentucky fan. He loves catching games whenever he can. GO CATS!

Steve "Gus" Woods

Delivery Technician

“Gus, ” to his friends at Backyard World, is a Louisville native. As one of Backyard World’s Delivery Technicians, Gus assists with delivery and setup of all buildings and play systems. Since 2015, Gus has been providing quality service that helps validate the Backyard World Name.


Gus is someone who pays attention to detail, taking time to ensure the customer is satisfied with all aspects of the setup. His 20 years at Outdoor Systems make him more than qualified to be in charge of laying a level and sound foundation for your buildings to stand on for years to come. 


In his spare time, Gus enjoys being outdoors and sitting on his front porch, all while unwinding with a cold drink. He also loves to spend time with his grandson, who he cares deeply for. 


Gus is a good ole soul who is considered to be family here at Backyard World, and we couldn’t operate without him.

Daniel Carney

Delivery Technician

Born and raised right here in Taylor County, Daniel is one of our youngest and hardest working Delivery Technicians on the team. Specializing in play systems, Daniel also takes on jobs that most others can’t accomplish. He really enjoys a challenge. 


A young soul, Daniel started working with Backyard World immediately following his graduation from Taylor County. Daniel understands the value of a dollar, and enjoys earning his income while being able to enjoy the outdoors.


Along working full time here at BYW, Daniel is seeking to further his education at Somerset Community & Technical College in Electrical Engineering. When he isn’t in class or at work, he enjoys spending his free time at home, relaxing in front of the television.   

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